Funeral Goods & Services offered

Below is a list of funeral goods and services offered as required by California's Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

1. Basic services of funeral director, staff and overhead.

2. Embalming

3. Other preparation of the body.

4. Transfer of remains to funeral home.

5. Use of facilities and staff for viewing.

6. Use of facilities and staff for funeral ceremony.

7. Use of facilities and staff for memorial service.

8. Use of equipment and staff for graveside service.

9. Hearse.

10. Limousine.

11. Caskets.

12. Outer burial containers.

13. Forwarding of remains to another funeral home.

14. Receiving remains from another funeral home.

15. Direct cremation.

16. Immediate burial.

Our General Price List (G.P.L.) is available upon request.